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Cricket is a team sport with huge followership. Thanks to Indian fans, according to some sources, cricket is the second most widespread sport in the globe after football. Matches take place all year round and the betting possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Types of bets on cricket

Match formats and rules can confuse the bettor, so you should figure out what outcomes are offered for this sport.

Outcome Bets

Capper guesses the result of the game (which team will win). A draw in cricket is impossible (except in first-level matches), so the bettor has two options – the victory of the first or second team. Experts recommend analyzing personal meetings before making a choice. You can bet on the betting raja site on the first-level competitions with a double chance, insuring yourself in case of a draw.

Total bets

Cricket matches are long, and online cricket betting websites propose diverse totals. For example, you can bet on 24 betting site on the total number of runs in a match, or the total runs within a certain segment of the game (according to the results of 5 or 10 overs). There are general and individual totals. The capper can evaluate the performance of each team.

Additional bets

Betting players often choose to win or lose a team with a handicap, plus or minus. In cricket, you can select a handicap on wounds. In test matches, bettors often bet on a zero handicap, insuring their result in case of a possible draw.

Special rates

There are many non-standard situations in cricket, so there are special bets. For example, a bettor on betting tv can bet on who will serve first in a match (toss outcome). There are bets on winning the first innings and separate bets on the statistics of players (who will be the best pitcher and hitter, etc.).

Cricket betting strategies

For cappers, betting on cricket is beneficial because the odds often do not reflect the real alignment of forces. Huge audiences of fans choose their favourite teams to bet on, regardless of statistics, so overpriced or underpriced cricket odds are the norm. It remains for bettors to follow the statistics and conduct their analytics of matches.

You can bet on cricket on William hill betting tv since the odds often change in one direction or the other during the game, and bettors can make good money on this. 

How to bet on cricket?

Experts recommend playing in live mode. In such a situation, you can easily analyze the course of the game by adding bets throughout the match. The duration of games is on average about 5-6 hours (one-day matches) up to 3-4 days (first-level competitions).

Cricket is a sport where sensations are common, so a bettor can hit a good jackpot with a little understanding of the sport. However, remember that most of the results are logical, and strong teams achieve victories. For example, in the World Cups, Australia achieved five victories, India and the West Indies team won the title twice each, and Sri Lanka and England became the strongest cricket team only once.

Cricket betting features

Cappers should focus on the following cricket betting tips:

  1. In one-day matches, techniques and skills play a key role. If the match lasts 3-5 days, then the endurance of the opponents comes to the fore.
  2. Pay enough attention to the study of statistics. In different periods of the season, teams and personal performers may be in different forms.
  3. Moving teams affect performance. Cricket teams are not accustomed to frequent climate changes. For instance, when India comes to South Africa, it takes time to adapt to new conditions. It often affects the result.
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